We bring the imaging center to your office.

Welcome to Moore Sound Imaging!

Moore Sound Imaging is not just another mobile ultrasound company in the Baton Rouge area. Moore Sound Imaging is the first mobile ultrasound service in the Baton Rouge area to offer total body ultrasound imaging by sonographers credentialed in all modalities of ultrasound.

On top of that, Moore Sound Imaging brings state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment (Philips IU22 and HDI 5000 SonoCT w/ XRes) to the physicians’ office. Antique ultrasound machines will not be utilized!

Our Mission

Moore Sound Imaging will bring cutting edge ultrasound technology to the physician’s office and perform diagnostic ultrasound studies with a sonographer credentialed in all modalities of ultrasound. Our sonographers will be courteous, professional, competent and dependable. MSI service fees will be fair and competitive.

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